Hiring A Disability Lawyer

If you need to apply for a disability claim with the Social Security Administration, an Orinda disablity lawyer said it is advisable to get a lawyer involved. Most people usually involve the lawyer after their first attempt at a claim has been denied. Involving your lawyer at the beginning is more beneficial since they will be able to advise you on what you need to do.

Image result for Hiring A Disability LawyerGetting a disability lawyer will enable you to be able to rest easy knowing that you are well represented. Furthermore, the lawyer will give you updates on the claim once you have applied. They can also represent you if you have to appeal in case your first claim is denied. That said, it is important to get a lawyer who will be able to navigate through the hurdles and get you the compensation that you need. Here are the qualities to look for if you are looking to hire a disability lawyer.

Get a lawyer who has a license to practice law in your state. This way, the documents that they sign on your behalf will be valid. If your lawyer does not have a license to practice law in your state, they cannot represent you properly. If there are any hearings you need to be present for, having a licensed lawyer will be necessary.

Choose a lawyer who has worked on numerous disability cases. It is advisable to get one that has worked on a case with the same disability status as yours. This will enable them to be ready for the case. They will be well aware of the course the case will take and prepare for it adequately. Their experience will also help them represent you better if there is a hearing. An experienced lawyer will be able to understand the language used in your particular case.

Success Rate
Having represented clients who had the same issue as yours and succeeded is a good way to start. It does not automatically guarantee your success but working with a lawyer that knows the process and the loopholes the SSA might use against you is helpful. Ask your lawyer how many clients they have represented and been successful in achieving their goal.

You should not hire a lawyer before finding out how much they will charge. Keep in mind that lawyers with big firms may charge more than those working individually, but they also have more resources. These will come in handy during the case.

Written by Shannon